Panino Pizza

With its rapidly expanding branches throughout Turkey's Aegean Region, Panino Pizza, which has gained a prominent role in the sector by presenting delicious, high quality, and economical products with a fast and friendly face without compromising on food safety and quality, aims to extend in every region of Turkey and Globe. Panino Pizza continues to expand its family with its employees, customers, branches, and pizza varieties, prepared with fresh dough kneaded daily with milk and blended with special sauces. With its customer-oriented and expert staff, the 2023 target is to increase the number of branches to 50.

Why choose Panino Pizza?
• A well-known and trusted company established with 100% Turkish capital,
• A company with a delicious, high quality, economical and satisfying product range,
• A company with purchasing experience and power, serving in contemporary places,
• A company that does not compromise its standards and always serves the same quality, with a wide and loyal customer portfolio,
• A company with a good training program and unlimited consultancy services,
• High profit margin and earning,
• A company that provides continuity in product supply with logistics service.

The Secrets of Our Delicious Products
Panino Pizza Sauce: Special sauce made from tomatoes for Panino Pizza.
Meat Products: Meat group specially produced for Panino Pizza.
Dough: In Panino Pizza, the dough is kneaded daily with milk. Frozen and ready-made dough is not used. There is no additive in the dough.
Cheese: Traditional mozzarella cheese produced for Panino Pizza.

Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza
Panino Pizza Franchise

Mutlu Aksoy
Panino Pizza Mavişehir Şubesi Sahibi

Panino Fabs Pizza’nın 35. şubesi, Mavişehir’de hizmete açıldı. İlk günden itibaren mahalle sakinleri ve çevre esnafı tarafından ilgiyle karşılanan yeni şubenin sahibi Mutlu Aksoy, hem ürün lezzeti, hem lokasyonu hem de restoranın iç dizaynı ve genişliği bakımından olumlu yorumlar geldiğini ifade etti.

Panino Fabs Franchise

A Success Story

I met the Panino Pizza family at a time when I thought I should start my own business to realize my dreams. I am once again excited by the opportunities and support Panino Pizza provides to its investors. Their training and marketing are the main reasons for the success of the Tire branch, which has been a part of this family for three years. In such a competitive market, preparing our pizzas with our daily fresh doughs without using any additives have allowed us to get ahead of our competitors. I am very happy to work with the right brand while achieving the commercial success I aim for.

If you want to be a part of this line of work, you should consider being a part of the rapidly growing Panino Pizza family, which does not compromise on quality, and values customer satisfaction.

Thank you, Panino Pizza

Oguzhan Kemence
Owner of Panino Pizza Tire Branch

panino pizza

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Opportunities We Offer as Panino Pizza to Our Investors Who Want to Own Their Own Business

• The power of Panino Pizza brand,
• The opportunity to offer delicious, satisfying, economical, quality pizzas and menus,
• Our commercial and product experiences,
• Feasibility studies of location and restaurant location,
• Restaurant decoration design, architectural project and equipment design, layout and control in accordance with our concept,
• Support in the selection and procurement of personnel,
• Personnel training,
• Staff support provided at the opening,
• Taking advantage of Panino Pizza facilities and advantages in purchasing materials to ensure the continuity of goods and service standards,
• Logistics service,
• Advertising and promotional works carried out throughout the city, region and country,
• Continuity in technical service,
• Information and consultancy service on all issues
• High profit margin.

Panino Pizza Franchise Candidate Criteria

• Being in the branch in a way to manage all units
• Having franchising investment financing,
• Having an open and developed vision for innovations,
• Having enough analysis,
• Having an active and energetic spirit,
• To be suitable for working with standards and rules,
• Having the team spirit,
• Adopting the franchising system with the desire to succeed and win,
• Being customer and quality oriented.

Panino Pizza Franchising Process (Panino Pizza Franchise Olma Süreci)

• Candidate Application Evaluation
• Candidate Information
• Analysis and Decision Making
• Renting Procedures
• Signing of Franchise Agreement
• Architectural Works
• Equipment Supply
• Training Planning and 2-Week Training
• Completion of Architectural Works
• Branch Opening

Our Franchising System

Our goal is to increase the number of branches in the Panino Pizza system with the trust in our company and to carry the Panino Pizza brand to the macro level with the success and gain of each branch of our exponentially growing business.In this sense, each branch in the system is very special and valuable to us.

With the Franchise Agreement, Panino Pizza grants its investor the rights to purchase advantageous goods, to benefit from advertisements and promotions and to share Panino Pizza's experience and knowledge.The duration of the Franchise Agreement is 5 years, and this period can be extended upon the mutual agreement of the parties at the end of the period.

No profit share will be taken from the turnover during the contract and also no fixed advertising contribution is taken.

Franchise Hotline: 0 850 850 31 35



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